Game Jam and Update!

Hello all! the official arcade arcanum game jam starts next week and to celebrate I added card back options to the poker format tarot deck!

which... I hadn't realized I never included before, whoops!

Files 33 kB
Oct 26, 2021 401 kB
Jan 26, 2022

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feedback issue:  the Ace of Pentacles has no title banner.

ah! good catch, ill go back and fix that soon

(5 edits)

the file name is not in order, Can you named it correctly?

I wrote a quick rename script for


ren NewTarot1.png MinorWands05.png
ren NewTarot2.png MinorWands06.png
ren NewTarot3.png MinorWands04.png
ren NewTarot4.png MinorWands07.png
ren NewTarot5.png MinorWands08.png
ren NewTarot6.png MinorWands09.png
ren NewTarot7.png MinorWands11.png
ren NewTarot8.png MinorWands12.png
ren NewTarot9.png MinorWands13.png
ren NewTarot10.png MinorWands10.png
ren NewTarot11.png Major07.png
ren NewTarot12.png Major06.png
ren NewTarot13.png Major04.png
ren NewTarot14.png Major05.png
ren NewTarot15.png Major03.png
ren NewTarot16.png Major02.png
ren NewTarot17.png Major01.png
ren NewTarot18.png Major19.png
ren NewTarot19.png Major18.png
ren NewTarot20.png Major12.png
ren NewTarot21.png Major10.png
ren NewTarot22.png Major09.png
ren NewTarot23.png Major16.png
ren NewTarot24.png Major00.png
ren NewTarot25.png Major11.png
ren NewTarot26.png Major13.png
ren NewTarot27.png Major15.png
ren NewTarot28.png Major08.png
ren NewTarot29.png Major14.png
ren NewTarot30.png Major21.png
ren NewTarot31.png Major20.png
ren NewTarot32.png Major17.png
ren NewTarot33.png MinorPentacles01.png
ren NewTarot34.png MinorPentacles00.png
ren NewTarot35.png MinorPentacles02.png
ren NewTarot36.png MinorPentacles03.png
ren NewTarot37.png MinorPentacles04.png
ren NewTarot38.png MinorPentacles05.png
ren NewTarot39.png MinorPentacles06.png
ren NewTarot40.png MinorPentacles07.png
ren NewTarot41.png MinorPentacles08.png
ren NewTarot42.png MinorPentacles10.png
ren NewTarot43.png MinorPentacles11.png
ren NewTarot44.png MinorPentacles12.png
ren NewTarot45.png MinorPentacles13.png
ren NewTarot46.png MinorPentacles09.png
ren NewTarot47.png MinorSwords01.png
ren NewTarot48.png MinorSwords02.png
ren NewTarot49.png MinorSwords03.png
ren NewTarot50.png MinorSwords04.png
ren NewTarot51.png MinorSwords06.png
ren NewTarot52.png MinorSwords07.png
ren NewTarot53.png MinorSwords08.png
ren NewTarot54.png MinorSwords09.png
ren NewTarot55.png MinorSwords05.png
ren NewTarot56.png MinorSwords10.png
ren NewTarot57.png MinorSwords11.png
ren NewTarot58.png MinorSwords13.png
ren NewTarot59.png MinorSwords12.png
ren NewTarot60.png MinorSwords00.png
ren NewTarot61.png MinorCups02.png
ren NewTarot62.png MinorCups01.png
ren NewTarot63.png MinorCups00.png
ren NewTarot64.png MinorCups03.png
ren NewTarot65.png MinorCups04.png
ren NewTarot66.png MinorCups05.png
ren NewTarot67.png MinorCups06.png
ren NewTarot68.png MinorCups07.png
ren NewTarot69.png MinorCups08.png
ren NewTarot70.png MinorCups09.png
ren NewTarot71.png MinorCups10.png
ren NewTarot72.png MinorCups11.png
ren NewTarot73.png MinorCups12.png
ren NewTarot74.png MinorCups13.png
ren NewTarot75.png MinorWands00A.png
ren NewTarot76.png MinorWands00B.png

Excellent! thank you :) I just uploaded a zip with that change and the name card on the ace of pentacles fixed