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it's really cool to hear you talk through a reading :)


thanks! I hope it came off organically, I tried to write as stream of conscious-y as possible

That was really interesting. I know nothing about tarot apart from the stuff I pick up from cheesy movies. I liked you how explained the cards & also what they signify to you.

oh absolutely, that's now I like to do readings - they usually end up as a dialogue where we tease out how things might apply and how we both see the world really

this was excellent!!! I love to hear about other's relationships with tarot, and it's so validating when a total stranger seems to see it in a similar way as I do. i think you've done a great job of making something that can really bring newcomers into tarot.

that's really fantastic to hear! I really like the idea of bringing often very opaque symbolism to people

Ah I love this it's so lovely! Not just the art, you also do a really good job explaining the cards, and I like how you say that it's kind of like talking to yourself, I think I would agree with that :D

yeah! It's like a tool that I can use to examine my own brain and perceptions, you know?


Ahh this is so cool!!! I love the art & the transitions~ and your insight on the reading is really cool as well!! ✨✨✨

I need to get more into tarot I feel....I love the "talking to yourself" deal, and the power that  a random draw of cards has on the human imagination....

This is a really nice little game :) I like that you go inside the cards to explore their meaning. Very educational too!